Terms and Conditions

  1. OVERVIEW AND INVOLVED PARTIES These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the agreement for the sale and installation of a complete solar energy setup, battery system, and/or related energy products (collectively referred to as “Products”) between SUNUTI RENEWABLE ENERGY LIMITED (“Company”) and the individual purchasing these services and products (“Customer”). Specific provisions within these Terms that pertain to the solar energy setup, battery system, or other energy products are only applicable to the Purchaser if relevant according to the signed agreement.

2. DATA PRIVACY The Company is committed to protecting personal information in line with current legal standards and any directives from regulatory bodies. Our detailed privacy practices can be found at www.sunuti.com/privacy-policy


3.1 Pricing Details

3.1.1 Price Determination

  • The price quoted by the Company is the total cost for the Products, assuming that the price conditions outlined in these Terms are met and that all information provided about the Customer’s property is accurate.
  • Any deviation from the stated price conditions will result in a price adjustment, with the Customer being informed of any change exceeding 5% from the original price. The Customer has the right to terminate the agreement without penalty within 14 days of notification of a price increase over 5%. For price differences under 5%, a cancellation fee may apply.

3.1.2 Inclusions and Exclusions in the Price

  • The agreement specifies all prices and fees, which cover the installation of the Products under standard conditions, unless stated otherwise.
  • Costs related to specific local or national regulatory requirements are not included in the price.
  • Pre-installation site visits are conducted only if deemed necessary by the Company or its subcontractors.

3.1.3 Standard Price Assumptions

  • The installation premises must be ready for installation within one month from the agreement date, barring unforeseen delays.
  • Prices are based on installations under normal conditions with specific assumptions regarding property readiness, existing installations, and other logistical details.

3.2 Credit Check The Company reserves the right to perform a credit check on the Purchaser, with the agreement contingent upon satisfactory credit approval.

3.3 Subsidies The Company is not responsible for managing subsidy applications on behalf of the Customer. All prices are initially presented gross of any subsidies.

3.4 Customer Information

  • The quoted price is based on information provided by the Customer. By accepting the quote, the Customer confirms the accuracy of this information.
  • The Customer must supply all necessary details for installation. Inaccurate information leading to cost increases will be charged to the Customer.

3.5 Permissions and Approvals

  • The Company or its subcontractors will assist in obtaining necessary permits and approvals.
  • The Customer is responsible for any special permissions due to property status or location.

3.6 Subcontracting and Project Planning

  • The Company may use subcontractors for the project. The Customer agrees to this approach.
  • The Company has discretion in selecting subcontractors based on various factors.

  1. 4.1 Site Access and Preparation
  • The Customer must ensure clear access to the property for installation.
  • Any access-related costs due to obstacles will be borne by the Customer.

4.2 Non-interference

  • The Customer must ensure that the installation team can work without interruptions from residents or pets.
  • Any unauthorized involvement by the Customer or third parties in the installation process may void warranties.

  1. 5.1 Product Delivery and Activation
  • “Delivery” refers to the proper installation and testing of equipment.
  • The Customer is responsible for reporting any issues with the delivered Products promptly.

5.2 Documentation and Finalization

  • The Company will provide electronic documentation for the Products.
  • “Completion” occurs when the Products are commissioned and all documentation is provided.
  • Compliance documentation (MCS Certificate) will be delivered by the company or the subcontractor once it has been received by the company from MCS.

5.3 Billing and Payment

  • Invoices for the Products will be issued upon delivery, with payment terms specified by the Company.
  • The Customer shall pay within 7 days of receiving the relevant invoice. Payment shall be made using a bank transfer. In case of overdue payment, interest shall be payable by the Customer on the unpaid amount at the rate of 4% above the Bank of England base rate per annum from and including the date the payment was due up to and excluding the date of payment was actually received. Additionally, the Customer will be charged a £25 default fee. The customer is liable to pay for any court fees, and or any debt collection fees incurred if the late payment is sent to a third party for collection.

5.4 Monitoring and Data Usage

  • Internet connectivity for product monitoring is the responsibility of the Customer.
  • The Company may collect and use data from the Products as outlined in the privacy policy.

5.5 Insurance Notification

  • The Purchaser must inform their insurance provider about the installation of the Products.

5.6 Product Performance and Maintenance

  • The Customer owns the power generated and is responsible for any excess power sales.
  • Regular maintenance and care of the Products are essential for optimal performance.

5.7 marketing and social media

The Customer grants the company the right to freely use images of the Customer’s property, the Products and the installation process in marketing efforts including social media earned media coverage.

  • The company grants a 5 year warranty on the work conducted by the company or company’s installation partners during the installation of the Products.
  • The Customer must adhere to maintenance guidelines and manufacturer instructions to maintain warranty coverage.
  • Any work performed by the Customer or a third party that interferes with the work performed by company or company’s installation partner during the installation warranty period results in the warranty being void.
  • The Company is liable for direct damages caused by its negligence but is not responsible for indirect losses or damages beyond its control.
  • The Company will repair or compensate for damages it is directly responsible