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How to Register a UK car in Spain

Posted by sunutirevebxiiu214131 on April 12, 2018
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How to Register a UK car in Spain? 

If you are moving to Spain you may wish to take your UK registered car with you, in this article we will explain how you go about this.

As a introduction to this article we feel it is very important to stress, at this early stage, that this is a lengthy and complicated process that can take an awfully long time and requires an awful lot of preparation and documentation, the emphasis being firmly on the documentation….!

If you are taking a British Car to Spain your car will need to be fully legal in the UK to begin this process, this means Mot’d and Taxed.

We have done our best to compile a step by step process to follow and our advice, is to use this article as a guide only and to consult with your Gestoria to make sure that you are following all these steps in the correct manner. In fact, most Gestorias will be able to undertake this process for you for a fee of a couple of hundred euros which we strongly suggest, but, if you are brave enough then please take a look at the following steps as a guide;


Prior to being able to begin the process there are a few things you will need, which are as follows;

1. Chassis Number – This is normally found on your V5 or Vehicle Registration Document, this is the red document you receive when you purchase the car that includes your details such and name, address etc and the details of the car itself – if not then we suggest you look under the bonnet and/or consult with a mechanic

2. Certificate of Conformity – This costs anything from £150 upwards and can be applied for here link

3. Left Hand Drive Headlights – You will need to take your car to a mechanic and ask him to fit these for you, unless of course this is something that you can do yourself, these will be
checked when you take your car for its first ITV (similar to MOT described below) and if you do not have them you will not pass and you won’t be able to register your car until you have done so

Transfer – Taking a British Car to Spain

1. Book ITV – You will need to book a ‘Special Import ITV,’ we suggest doing this in person and with someone with a good level of Spanish at the ITV Centre which is KM2.7 of Carretera San Miguel, a few KM outside of Santa Gertudis. You can’t miss it, it is the large barn like building on the left hand side of the road as you approach Santa Gertudis from Ibiza Town. You will need three copies of your Chassis Number, your V5, your Certificate of Conformity and your ID with you in order to make the booking

2. Pay Road Tax – This needs to be done in person at your local town hall

3. Pay Import Tax – The import tax due is referred to as ‘Modelo 576’ and must be paid, in person, at the ‘Agencia Tributaria de Ibiza’ and you must have all the documents we have mentioned so far with you, including proof of your ITV appointment. link

4. Green Plates – Now you have completed all of the above you will need to collect your green plates (Spanish number plates), we have been advised these are optional but being Spain we would suggest you treat this step as compulsory. You will need to make an appointment here; link and the cost of the appointment is €20 plus the cost of buying the actual number plates themselves.

It has been suggested that the can be purchased at Recambios Ibiza or similar at a cost of around €30. The location for the appointment for your Green Plates is Carrer Vicent Serra y Orvay, 43. You may also be asked to pay for your Import Application at this time, this is likely to be in the region of €90

5. ITV Appointment – Further to point 1. above, you will have a date for your ITV (or MOT), we strongly advise that you do not miss this as they are very hard to get hold of due to the amount of cars on the island and the fact there is only one ITV centre so make sure you turn up and in good time so you are sure you don’t miss it

6. Finish Import – You will need to make an appointment here; link and take with you your ITV certificate, Vehicle Tax
payment receipt, your Modelo 576, your NIE and your V5 which will have been stamped when your car has passed its Special Import ITV


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