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International Schools in Mallorca

Posted by sunutirevebxiiu214131 on May 15, 2018
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If you are considering moving to Mallorca with a child or children, a key concern is to look at educational facilities that are available. Relocating overseas and finding the right school is always challenging.  

Luckily, Mallorca offers a wide range of educational options. In the past decade, the schooling quality of public schools has been significantly improved. Opting for public education, your children will rapidly integrate and learn the Spanish language. Another advantage is that the schools are free. Though, it is important to note that a lot of schools teach in Catalan and not in Castellano (Spanish). 

If you prefer your child to provide an international education, there are plenty of options; British, French, German and Scandinavian school systems. It is advisable to choose the school as early as possible to stand the best chance of receiving a place. Here are three examples of top private international schools.  

Bellver International College 

Established in the year 1950, Bellver International College is the oldest private British school in Spain. Located just outside Palma, the college offers a non-denominational, mixed-sex education for children between the ages of 3 and 18.  

At Bellver, all pupils become bilingual in both English and Spanish. Also, a great number of the pupils are Spanish and therefore Spanish is spoken outside the classroom as well. Therefore, you child will become fluent in Spanish and could even be prepared for Spanish Ministry of Education examinations. Other languages, such as German, French and Catalan, are optional. 

The college facilities includes 22 classrooms, 2 science laboratories, gymnasium, drama hall, library, computer lab and art room. The atmosphere is highly friendly and the school highly focuses on building a good relationship with the pupil’s parents. They are always updated and informed about the progress of their children.  

The international school adopts an official examination centre for Cambridge and Exceled exam boards. Moreover, 15 subjects at G.C.S.E level and 13 at A/AS level are offered. Bellver boasts on its website that 99% of 6th formers go to university.  

The school year starts in early September till the end of June; while a school day at Bellver starts at 8:55 and finishes at 16:15. Regarding the tuition fees, three terms must be made per year. The fees per term may vary from €2,310 to €3,740, depending on the year of the pupil. 

King Richard III College 

King Richard III College is a privately held British International School situated in Portals Nous, around 15 minutes from Palma. With 350 students, KR3 draws pupils from countries all over the world, such as the UK, Germany, France, USA, Holland, China, Sweden, etc. Therefore, it offers a real multicultural experience which adds a relevant dimension in the world of today and allows the students to become global citizens at a very early age.  

The international school offers a bilingual education, following the British National Curriculum and offering the Spanish system of education. KR3 provides education from the age 2 to 18, including nursery, primary and secondary education. There is a strong sense of community, making the pupils feel part of a second family. 

Relevant subjects in today’s world, such as Business Studies, Travel & Tourism and Computing are offered. Moreover, KR3 includes great school facilities such as football and basketball courts, fully-equipped science labs, and an ICT suite including the latest technology. They also make use of off-side facilities such as an indoor pool, a sports centre, a theatre and a sailing club.  

King Richard II College is also popular for its extra-curricular activities. These activities are not only made available to pupils but also to parents, such as learning languages, yoga and sailing.  

Depending on age, the tuition fees range from €7,000 to €13,000 per year. 

The Academy International School 

Opening in 1985 with only 25 children and two teachers, today the Academy holds around 330 students. The private school is located in Marratxi. Pupils range in age from 2 to 16 years and are mainly Spanish, British and German. The main language of instruction is English but classes are also in Spanish and Catalan. German and French are offered to primary and secondary classes.  

The Academy follows the National British Curriculum and students can continue their education up to IGCSE examination level. The school offers a high quality of service in education. Indeed they have been awarded the quality certificate ISO 9001.  

The Academy is rather different in comparison to other schools. Not only is the school situated in natural surroundings, it also regards nature and the environment as highly relevant. Children are encouraged to spend time outdoors, for example in the vegetable garden. Here the students are taught how to grow vegetables and at a later stage consume the veggies for their lunches. Moreover, various animals, such as horses and tortoises live in the school as well.   

In respect of school facilities, there is an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and football playgrounds. Extra curricular activities include a variety of sports including golf, judo and horse riding. Ballet, drama and languages are other popular activities.  

The school starts at 9:00 till 16:00 from Monday till Friday. Tuition fees cannot be found on the website but are of course available on request. 

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