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10 Reasons Why Mallorca is a Great Place to Live

Posted by sunutirevebxiiu214131 on June 7, 2018
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Have you ever considered moving to Mallorca? If you have, this blog might convince you even more to relocate to this slice of paradise. If you haven’t, we will definitely give you some very good reasons why Mallorca is such a good place to live!

1) Around 300 days of sunshine

Mallorca is well known for its exceptional weather conditions, as a matter of fact, it is one of the main reasons why Mallorca is a such a popular holiday destination. In general, the island boats around 300 days of sun and the weather remains relatively warm throughout the year. Even in January, temperatures can be as high as 25 degrees. Since January is low season, it’s a great month to visit the island and enjoy the outdoors without bumping into too many tourists. February and March, on the other hand, can be more rainy. Surprisingly, snow can also be experienced in the winter months, though very rarely!

2) Accessibility

Accessibility from and to the island Even though Mallorca is just a small island, the International Airport of Palma is the third largest airport in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. During the summer months the airport is one of the busiest in Europe. Indeed, Son Sant Joan Airport receives millions of tourists every year and makes travelling to and from Mallorca a fairly easy affair. On top of that, it is possible to reach Mallorca by ferry as well, companies such as Baleària, Trasmediterranea and Corsica Ferries are the most popular.

3) International Community

One of the main reasons for choosing to live in Mallorca is because of its laid back and open minded international community. The Sunday Times mentions that Palma de Mallorca to be one of the best places to live – Mallorca is more and more becoming an international hub, every year there are more people relocating to the island. This means that there are plenty of international schools for your children and that business opportunities are growing. There are an increasing number of networking events in Palma where you can meet new people and build new relationships.

4) The Mallorcan lifestyle

Most people end up buying a property in Mallorca because of the island’s lifestyle, expats admit that once you are on the island you feel more relaxed – this is mainly because life happens outdoors. Also, you can eat at whenever time you want, people don’t stress about time, people are generally social, there are plenty of beaches, etc and during summer there are a lot of local festivals in which you can enjoy a good authentic Mallorquin meal with some music and dances. Learning the language would give you the opportunity to connect more with the local people, who will then help you and invite you for meals.

5) 50 km of beaches

Talking about beaches, Mallorca is an exceptional place for going to the beach. The beautiful coastline of Mallorca counts around 200 beaches, 40 of these beaches have a ‘Blue Flag’ meaning that there is also a provision of bathroom facilities, lifeguards and other services. The beaches vary from long crowded stretches of golden sand to quiet rocky coves with crystal clear waters. The north and south beaches have the largest sandy beaches. The east coast is full of pretty little coves and the west coast is a rugged mountainous coastline with only a few small beaches.

6) Mother Nature

People underestimate the natural beauty of Mallorca, when we think of Mallorca, we don’t necessarily think of its nature in the first instance. You should know that Mallorca has such a great variety of nature, such as the crystal clear water of the sea, golden beaches, rocky coves, mountain ranges, caves, century old vineyards, the list goes on! The mountain range, Serra de Tramuntana, in the Noth of Mallorca, has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Moreover, Mallorca also has Natural Parks in which one can find 361 plant species thanks to the marine influence.

7) Security

In our world of growing fear and constant conflict, you are happy to hear that Mallorca is one of the safest areas to live in Spain. The Mallorquin are really relaxed and are still able to leave their doors unlocked, this is also because everyone naturally keeps an eye out for each other. Of course, during the busy peak season you have to be a little more careful, though, Mallorca in general boasts very low crime rates and offers a more than safe environment for families, children and businesses.

8) Gastronomy

On Mallorca you don’t have to worry about food or drink, the island has an increasingly sophisticated food scene, offering traditional ‘Mallorquin’ dishes and loads of international dishes. There is a huge variety of choice on the island, whether you want to go for a simple ‘arroz brut’, a classic paella, to sushi or a high class meal at one of the Michelin restaurants.

9) Nightlife and music

There are many of great locations to enjoy a night out in Mallorca. Of course, the best place to enjoy a night out is Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearics. Palma has a diverse and highly popular night life scene, the area of Santa Catalina and Paseo Maritimo are the most popular and are full of clubs, bars and pubs. If you prefer the intimate little bars to enjoy a perfect cocktail you are better off at the old city centre of Palma. During summer, Mallorca also offers a lot of live music concerts; not only in the capital but also in the smaller villages.

10) Good medical facilities

Mallorca has a reputation for excellent medical facilities and offers private and public hospitals. It also offers plenty of outstanding private international medical centres. Therefore, if you find yourself in an unlucky situation or emergency, there is no need to worry. Apart from an emergency, Mallorca is also the place for when you want to enhance your natural beauty. There is a vast choice of aesthetic clinics on the island.

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