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What is the right time of the year to visit Ibiza?

Posted by sunutirevebxiiu214131 on December 21, 2017
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Are you considering joining the millions of travellers that pass-through Ibiza airport each year but are wondering what time of year is best to visit the White Island?

The answer to this very much depends upon what type of holiday you are after as Ibiza does offer something for almost everybody. Are you after a holiday that is jam packed with sun and late-night fun in the many world-famous clubs on the island, or are you looking for a quieter experience in the warm weather when everywhere is still open but the pace of life is considerably easier?  To help you decide upon when is the best time of year for you to visit Ibiza we have prepared a short guide to what Ibiza has to offer all year round and then the decision is yours:

Spring in Ibiza – superb scenery and festival fun

During Spring the island of Ibiza wakes up and undergoes an amazing transformation. Many restaurants and hotels will have undertaken a refreshing makeover and will be keen to showcase this to new visitors, so some great deals are to be had at the beginning of Spring (mid to late March).

The weather is generally cooler with average temperatures of between 18-26 degrees, making this a perfect time to visit if you do not enjoy the searing heat of summer.

Easter time (in Spanish called Semana Santa) is a favourite time in the Spanish culture with many celebrations taking place.  These culminate in the grand finale on Good Friday of a quite spectacular procession of religious effigies through the streets of Dalt Vila.

Following Easter, the Eivissa Medieval Festival takes place over three-days during the second weekend in May. At this fun packed festival, you will see the entire walled city of Dalt Vila transformed back in history to medieval times with stalls selling foods and goods reminiscent of his era.  Live performances and battle re-enactments run through the streets and everyone gets involved. This really is a festival not to miss if you would love to experience the true culture and history of Ibiza.

Following the Eivissa Medieval Festival, Ibiza then leaps into its modern-day roots with the ‘International Music Conference’. This is a ‘cannot miss’ event for those that are serious about their music as it brings together all those movers and shakers from the world of electronic dance music with the objective of shaping the future of this genre.  Surrounding this conference are loads of spin off events which all the cool people ‘have’ to attend! These include a huge concert in the walls of Dalt Vila.

It is appropriate that the International Music Conference precedes the ‘official’ opening of the clubbing season in Ibiza with the world-famous Space opening party, which is heralded as one of the biggest events in the global clubbing calendar. This takes place during the last weekend in May.

Visiting Ibiza during May to June offers great value if you are on a budget as you can make significant savings on the cost of travel and accommodation rather than being there in July or August when prices rise significantly. Ibiza does become slightly busier during June as various clubs hold their official opening parties and this continues until the end of June.  However, the island is not unbearably busy at this time of year so this is a good time to visit Ibiza if you don’t mind missing out on the biggest parties.

Summertime in Ibiza is hot – in more ways than one!

From July onwards as the temperatures rise to an average of around 30 degrees in Ibiza, so does the action and the pace of life with everywhere busy and in full swing.  August is the most expensive part of the season in Ibiza so if you are on a limited budget or dislike huge crowds, August may be the wrong time to visit. However, if you are not on a budget and are dying to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of peak time Ibiza, this is an ideal time of year to visit.

The start of August heralds the annual BBC Radio One Weekender, which is a series of huge musical events that take place across the island and are broadcast live, from clubs and parties to sunset sessions featuring many world-famous DJs. This weekend is seen by many as one of the main highlights of the Ibiza party season.

If you do not like crowds and noise, then we suggest that you avoid this time of year in Ibiza particularly in August when the White Island is amass with tourists and prices are accordingly sky high. August is the traditional time of year that Italians celebrating Ferragosto like to visit Ibiza.  Whilst their love of life for some is captivating and infectious, for others large groups of males can seem overwhelming at times.

There are other events that are not night club related such as the Ibiza International Film Festival in June, the annual Ibiza Beach Polo Cup and the open-air Jazz Festival both held at the end of August.

Autumn – the wind-down and the perfect time for relaxation and to soak up the local culture 

When September arrives not only do the temperatures cool down but so does island life on Ibiza. Days on the beach become more bearable and the nights are more comfortable without the balmy heat of mid Sumner.

The focus of this time of year is upon a series of quite phenomenal club closing parties which, for many, are a not be missed event. These events begin in mid-September with the very last three big ones – Pacha, Space and DC10 – closing on the first weekend in October. During this time, you will find cheaper deals in hotels but you need to bear in mind that at this time many of the islands other features such as restaurants will close for the winter season too.

Halloween is a massive event for Ibiza residents and it is widely celebrated with many large fancy dress parties taking place. The most well-known and perhaps notorious Bambuddha Grove’s Halloween party on October 31. At this very impressive event the entire restaurant is transformed into the set of a horror movie!

Fittingly after Halloween Ibiza itself turns into a ghost town with very little going on, so this is the perfect time of year for the traveller who is looking for a relaxing break in pleasant temperatures soaking up the local culture to visit the White Island.

Winter – Christmas celebrations followed by peace and tranquillity

Temperatures during November and December are still a pleasant average of around 16 degrees and as the Festive Season draws near the island gears up for its celebrations. Many people choose to visit Ibiza outside of party season as this is an ideal time to meet locals and experience a more relaxed Ibiza, rather than partying. A few high-profile clubbing events do take place during the Winter months, but these are on a much-smaller scale.

During December on the second Saturday of the month San Mateo hosts its annual wine festival. The entire town is transformed into an amazing winter wonderland of Christmas decorations and lights, and a Christmas market takes place in Vara de Rey.  New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and sees huge parties in the island’s famous clubs such as Pacha and DC10.

Do not discount the winter months in Ibiza. The island has so many aspects to its culture that are not all about clubs and beaches and this time of year is the perfect time to discover them. You will find hotels are cheaper, although direct flights can sometimes pose a problem, so be sure to check both before booking. After all no one wants to spend their hard-earned long weekend travelling hours each way for connecting flights!

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