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Private Schools in Ibiza

Posted by sunutirevebxiiu214131 on April 20, 2018
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If you’ve decided to move to Ibiza with your children , it’s time to look at the school options available on the White Isle. As well as the great public school options in Ibiza, the island also has three fantastic private schools

Morna International College

In the past know as ‘Morna Valley,’ the rebranded Morna International College has been in existence for over forty years. Located just outside of Santa Gertudis it educates children between
the ages of 3 and 18 and boasts on its website that currently these pupils are made up of over 20 different nationalities. We understand that the pupils are made up of roughly one third Spanish, one third British and one third other nationalities.

In recent years, and since its the Morna International College has embarked on quite a large expansion programme both in respect of the syllabus and also its campus including the construction of three science laboratories plus new music, art and design and technology classrooms.

The college teaches most of its classes in English and teaches the UK National Curriculum, but also includes compulsory Spanish lessons and German is introduced in year 7 until year 10 when it
becomes optional. In the upper school the syllabus prepares pupils for GSCE and A level qualifications which ensures that their results are recognised internationally (this syllabus also satisfies the Spanish Ministerio de Educación).

Generally this school is well respected and its improved and improving facilities will only assist in adding to the positive regard this school is held in by many. School fees start at €7,750 per annum for Nursery rising to €14,200 in years 12 and 13.

Collegi Mestral

Located closes to Ibiza Town in Can Misses Collegi Mistral has taken over Morna International College’s original mantra of providing what they advise is a more forward thinking education basing its emphasis on academics whilst also focussing on making sure its pupils are allowed the space for personal growth. Again, it accepts pupils from nursery through to the age of 18 and is also made up of various nationalities.

It is much more of a city based school and the setting is very different to Morna International College and College Francais which we discuss below, but that doesn’t mean to says its teaching facilities are lacking in any way. They have a clear Mission and Vision, their mission is “to prepare people in order for them to be able to face personal and professional challenges, that they may carry these skills through to tomorrow ́s society” and their vision is to be the educational reference point of the island. Collegi Mistral is interesting in its approach, for example its pupils learn from iPads which are updated with the information they require for their studies plus they have also introduced the KIVO project which has been introduced in Finland with the intention to cut out bullying in Schools. School fees are in the region of €5,000 per annum plus a few extras.

College Francais

Close to San Josep the clue is in the name here, this is predominantly a french school teaching the french syllabus in french. Interestingly, it is partly funded by the French Government. Usually classes are limited to a maximum of 20 and they focus on promoting a humanist culture to their pupils Unlike MIC and Mistral this is a school far more focussed in its outlook so you would really only consider this as an option if you are coming from France or a french speaking background.

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