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Five Best Beaches in Ibiza

Posted by sunutirevebxiiu214131 on December 21, 2017
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For many people Ibiza is synonymous with the party lifestyle of hitting the well-known nightclubs in the evening and sleeping off excesses on the sun lounger in the daytime. Whilst Ibiza may be one of the party capitals of Europe it also has another side to its personality, that of the natural beauty of its many hidden beaches that offer a haven of peace and tranquillity if you are prepared to travel off the beaten track.

Ibiza has nearly a hundred beaches dotted along its beautiful coastline. For those who prefer to soak up the sun and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea away from the main tourist spots, here are our suggestions for five of the best beaches in Ibiza for those seeking a secluded off the beaten track idyll. As they say in Ibiza, the better the beach, the harder it is to find!

Cala Llentrisca Beach

This stunning beach must be one of the best on our list of beaches off the beaten track in Ibiza.  It is possibly the hardest and most isolated beach to find on the island, but is also most definitely one of the most unspoilt and naturally beautiful places that you will ever see. Even in August in the very height of the holiday season it is said that is possible to enjoy the beauty of Cala Llentrisca practically alone!  This jewel in the crown of Ibiza’s secluded beaches is located in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia. You will not be able to reach this beach by car and will need to leave your vehicle to carry on by foot from the Urbanizacion de Es Cubells. The path to this beach is quite steep so realistically is only suitable for those enjoy a challenging walk.

Once you have found Cala Llentrisca with its characteristic row of little fisherman’s houses, you will undoubtedly feel your jaw dropping at the beauty of the beach which is framed by cedar-covered hills providing superb natural protection from the elements. This tranquil secluded bay faces east therefore visit early in the day if you are a sun seeker as in the afternoon the rocky cliffs tend to cast a shadow over the beach.

The beach is made of natural pebbles and is only approximately 100 meters. It is quite shallow into the sea but then only a few meters into the water it drops off dramatically which makes this area perfect for snorkelling and swimming. The sea at Cala Llentrisca, is unusually green for Ibiza, this is due to the untended reefs which give it this stunning hue, but once in the water you will notice that it is clear as a sheet of glass. When visiting Cala Llentrisca be sure to bring food and drink with you as they are NO services here at all, which for many is part of its appeal!

Cala Olivera Beach

Finding this beach can be a real trial, but once you have found it you will know it was worth every moment as you will have found your very own piece of paradise!  Cala Olivera is a real hidden gem and can be found on the east coast of Ibiza near to Roca Llisa. By car the journey takes about thirty minutes from Ibiza town and there is a car park next to the beach at the gravel road.

Cala Olivera is a small cove with a natural white sand beach of only 30 meters, this spot is blissfully tranquil and totally unspoilt. There is nothing but crystal-clear sea full of colourful marine life that is perfect for snorkelling or keen swimmers, clean fresh air, clear blue skies and a rocky coast line that stretches as far as the eye can see. On the beach there are no services, so you will need to pack your own lunch, and beverages.

Cala Olivera is not officially a nudist beach but you may find nudity as many do prefer to spend a clothing free day in this stunning beauty spot.

Pou des Lleo Beach

Pou des Lleo is one of the very best beaches to find your own little piece of serenity with stunning coastal scenery.  It is very popular with the locals yet remains an undiscovered secret outside of those ‘in the know’ and is one of Ibiza’s most natural, completely untouched environments.

Pou des Lleo can only be reached by car but is only ten minutes’ drive from San Carlos and there is parking at the beach but this is limited, although rarely busy. This beach is still off the beaten track but more accessible than Cala Llentrisca or Cala Olivera as it is suitable for those with a disability.

This stunning beach location is set in a small sheltered cove that is peaceful and tranquil and always remains relatively quiet even during the high season of tourism on Ibiza. The beach is a mixture of fine, soft sand and pebbles within an inlet in the shape of a horseshoe and is surrounded by low-lying rust-red cliffs and fishing huts belonging to local fishermen.  It has some very interesting rock formations making for great snorkelling opportunities around the bay. As Pou des Lleo is so secluded it is not unusual for nude sunbathing to be seen.

There are limited facilities for food and drink with a tiny snack bar open until sunset and two beach restaurants offering paella, local fresh fish and other typical Ibicenco dishes at great prices.

Es Bol Nou Beach

Es Bol Nou, also called Sa Caleta, is a secluded off the beaten track beach located on the southern coast of Ibiza in Sant Josep which is close to airport and fifteen minutes’ drive from Playa d’en Bossa. It is said to be one of the best places to enjoy the sunset on the island of Ibiza. 

The beach covers an area of 100 meters and it is bordered by red cliffs, steep slopes, pine trees and amazing crystalline sea. The sudden depth of the waters does make this beach more suitable for those who are strong swimmers, so for the more inexperienced it is suggested not to go too far from shore. However, the sea in this area supports a diverse variety of plants and marine life and therefore swimming in these waters is discouraged as it disturbs the ecosystem.

Es Bol Nou is said to have rejuvenating properties and visitors usually crumble some clay from the beach/cliffs and spread it on their body and hair as a beauty mask. On the western side of the beach you can find the archaeological remains of the ancient Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta.

Es Bol Nou is very popular with the locals and although off the beaten track, can get quite busy at weekends so for a truly peaceful experience we suggest visiting this location during week days.

There is one restaurant here, which shares the name of Sa Caleta. It is a rustic themed restaurant that specialises in local seafood dishes and is very a very popular destination with the locals.

Port de ses Caletes 

Port de ses Caletes is an isolated bay on the northeast coast of Ibiza, close to Sant Vincent and Sant Joan. This beach is one of the quietest coves in Ibiza and perhaps the most charming of the off the beaten track beaches.

The small bay is well protected by Punta Nin del Corb and d’en Serra, except in northerly winds, and is still used by local fishermen whose boats are stored in the old boat houses. It is a well-kept secret that is completely unspoilt, occupied almost exclusively by locals

Port de ses Caletes is not a sandy cove but has pebbles and beautiful crystalline waters making it the perfect place for those who love swimming or snorkelling. The beach is framed by a magnificent landscape of rolling hills and old fishermen’s huts which are embedded between the cliffs so is very popular with walkers who enjoy the challenge of this varied and rugged coastline terrain.

This stretch of pure untouched nature is only 60 meters in length and 15 meters wide making it ideal for those seeking solitude and silence away from the madding crowd. Remember to take along water at the very least as there are no services or snack bars at all.

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