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Ibiza Airport Transfers

Posted by sunutirevebxiiu214131 on March 12, 2018
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Ibiza Airport Transfers

If you have booked a holiday in Ibiza the last thing that you will want to be doing after your flight is wondering how you are going to transfer from the airport to your chosen Ibiza accommodation when all you really want to do is start enjoying your holiday.  A good piece of advice would be to book your Ibiza airport transfer before your departure for Ibiza, or at least have knowledge of what is available when you land in arrivals at Ibiza airport.   To help you begin enjoying your holiday in Ibiza from the moment you touch down here is our guide to Ibiza airport transfers:

Private airport transfer Ibiza

If you are a traveller who likes to be well prepared then booking a private airport transfer to your Ibiza holiday villa, Ibiza hotel, or apartment Ibiza is undoubtedly the easiest way to transfer from Ibiza airport to your chosen holiday destination.  There are many reputable companies who offer private airport transfers than can be pre-booked easily and quickly on the internet prior to your departure from the UK. Pre booking your Ibiza airport transfer will not only guarantee a hassle free start to your Ibiza holiday with pickup even if flights are delayed, but you will be able to shop around for the best price and service that will suit your budget and party size. Additionally, if you have a disabled person travelling in your holiday party then pre booking a private airport transfer guarantees that you will be able to travel in a specially adapted vehicle that is suitable for their needs.

In addition you will know exactly what you will be paying for your airport transfer, so avoiding any shock surprises when you arrive at your Ibiza hotel, Ibiza holiday villa, or Ibiza apartment and the driver charges more than you had expected!

With a private airport transfer service a driver will meet you at Ibiza airport with a private vehicle that will cater to your party size ready to take you to your Ibiza hotel, Ibiza apartment or Ibiza villa. No waiting around for other passengers to board your transport, having to share a vehicle and stopping off at different drop off points prior to arriving at your Ibiza accommodation.

To summarise, the advantages of booking a private airport transfer are:

The driver will meet you at a designated point inside the arrivals lounge at the airport.

Taken in comfort to your destination,  in a vehicle suited to your party’s needs.

The fares have already been budgeted for.

Return journey – no hassle, you are collected from your accommodation in plenty of time for checking in to for your journey home.

No queuing in line waiting for a taxi.

No hoping that one taxi can take all the party plus the luggage as having to take two or more taxis will at least double your cost.

No wondering exactly how much the journey will cost.

No having to keep the return fare saved.

No hoping that you can book a taxi to take you back to the airport in time.

Take a taxi Ibiza Airport

If you would prefer not to book your Ibiza airport transfer in advance then why not take a taxi. At Ibiza airport there is a permanent fleet of approximately 69 approved taxis and these run throughout the whole year.  Three of these taxis are said to be specially equipped for people with disabilities.  We strongly advise the holidaymakers always take a taxi from this signed taxi rank juts outside the arrival hall at the terminal, and avoid taxi drivers offering services from other points.

It is always advisable to negotiate the cost of your taxi ride before getting into the cab and always ensure that you are able to cover the fare with the currency that you have on your person as not all Ibiza airport taxis accept credit cards. Suitcases and pets are carried free of charge. We recommend that you ensure that you ask for a receipt from your taxi driver in the case of issues/complaint. If you do need cash there are two banking facilities with ATMs for cash in the airport terminal.

As in the UK, taxi journeys in Ibiza are charged on a meter per kilometre and there will be an additional charge for night time journeys. The approximate costs are €12 to Playa d’en Bossa, €17 to Ibiza Town, and €27 to San Antonio, there is also an airport supplement of bout EUR 1.65.  Please be aware that between mid-July and mid-September, the queues for taxis can be very long.

The advantages of taking a taxi for your Ibiza airport transfer are that it could work out cheaper than private transfer. However, the disadvantages are that it cannot be pre-booked to be waiting for you on arrival and when there are a number of planes arriving at short intervals, the taxi queue can be very long. There may even be no taxis at the rank, so you will need to wait  for a taxi to set down before picking up the next passengers.

Catch the bus Ibiza Airport

If you are feeling adventurous or are working to a tight budget then why not catch the bus for your Ibiza airport transfer? The airport bus stop is situated directly outside the arrivals hall. All current routes and times can be found on the webpage of Ibizabus. Please note that they use the Catalan names for the resorts, for example Ibiza is known as Eivissa. Connections can be made to all Ibiza’s main resorts at a cost of less than €2 per journey but changes of bus may be required  at the main bus station in Ibiza town.

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