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SUNUTI, located in the picturesque market town of Farnham in Surrey, England, stands approximately 36 miles southwest of London. Nestled within the Borough of Waverley and near the Hampshire county border, our base is at the confluence of the north branch of the River Wey and the western extremity of the North Downs.

At SUNUTI, we are at the forefront of the renewable energy sector in the UK, with a special emphasis on Solar PV solutions, including Batteries, Heat Pumps, and EV Chargers. Our team, comprising industry veterans, is dedicated to designing and deploying bespoke Solar and Containerised Battery solutions. Our platform is distinguished by the solar calculator tool, making SUNUTI a unique, technology-driven marketplace that instantaneously reveals the solar potential of your property.

We prioritise educating and engaging our potential clients through high-quality, visually compelling insights into the solar capabilities of their rooftops for any given address in the UK. This approach ensures you have access to personalised, pertinent information in mere seconds. Our calculator is capable of providing estimates on cost savings, array designs, and reliable quotes, all without the necessity of an in-person visit.

With over ten years of experience in the renewable energy domain, we leverage our profound expertise and robust partnerships to offer all-encompassing turnkey solutions featuring premier products. Our services cover the entire spectrum from managing Distribution Network Operator (DNO) applications, to design, supply, and installation, and we also collaborate closely with financing partners.

Our commitment extends beyond installation with an Operations and Maintenance Service that guarantees your energy generation system not only adheres to warranty standards but also maintains peak performance for many years.

Aligned with the government’s ambition to quintuple solar capacity to 70GW by 2035, SUNUTI is dedicated to contributing to the UK’s transition towards cleaner, more affordable, and secure energy sources, in line with the national goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Meet Josh your personal Solar Consultant
Meet Josh your personal Solar Consultant
With 10 years of experience working on solar panel projects in sunny Spain, Josh is now back in the UK to join SUNUTI. As your personal consultant and designer, Josh will collaborate with you to develop the optimal solar system tailored to maximize your solar potential while ensuring it fits within your budget.


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